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Each year, the athletic department assesses whether Pierson has a sufficient number of interested students to field teams in various sports.  When there are not enough Pierson students to organize a team, we ask other schools whether they have an interest in combining (allowing our students to play on their teams).   Occasionally a school we have partnered with in the past, chooses to limit or eliminate their collaboration in specific sports.   As a result of several such developments,  the following teams are new Pierson/Bridgehampton combined teams hosted by Pierson:

  • Girl's high school tennis (fall) will be a JV only team
  • Girls high school soccer (fall) will be a JV only team
  • Boys high school tennis (spring) will be a JV only team
    • For girls tennis, boys tennis, and girls soccer, students will not have the opportunity to play on a varsity team for this coming school year.
  • Girls high school lacrosse (spring) will still be combined with East Hampton for varsity, but the JV team will be hosted at Pierson.   

The goal with all of these is for the programs to grow and be able to also host our own varsity teams in the coming years.  

Please reach out if you have any questions.





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